MONTING ENGINEERING Bitola is a company for the design, manufacture and installation of steel structure and equipment, and services related to them.
The core business of the company is the production of steel structures. It intertwines in the activities in the metal industry and construction, which are some of the most important branches of the economy, in which various materials are installed into new complex products during the process of production and modification. Because of synergic effect, the company adds complementary activities on the roof and facade systems, construction engineering and services, to the core business of steel structures.
The steel structure made in "Monting Engineering" meets the highest quality criteria according to EN ISO 1090-2 EXC4 and EN ISO 3834-2. The steel structure produced in "Monting Engineering" is suitable for the export market of the European Union, marked with CE mark and a declaration of conformity.
The goal of the company is to become one of the leading suppliers of steel structures and equipment for energy facilities on the territory of the region, with high workload and satisfied partners and customers, and therefore it must be open to all forms of cooperation with the business partners.
The main indicator for the success of MONTING ENGINEERING is the rapid and sustained growth, continued development and dynamism. Despite the rapid growth, the company tries to preserve flexibility and dynamism, which are crucial in meeting the always high requirements of the customers. Also, flexibility and dynamism are our competitive advantages in the development.


MONTING ENGINEERING’s mission is establishing itself as a recognized company in the region, for metal structure and equipment, products and equipment for energy projects, from design, through manufacturing, to installation with highly skilled team, using advanced technology and practical experience, as well as taking into account the protection of the environment.


MONTING ENGINEERING’s vision is for us to become the leading partner to the most demanding clients on their projects, original and complex solutions in the domain of steel structures. In this domain, we will act as a provider of complementary services for the core business, which will be solved with a full offer for the execution.


A major product of the company is steel structure, which is bearing structural element, or supporting structural element in the process of shaping the facilities, the interior of buildings and equipment installation.
Bridges, sports facilities (stadiums, sports centre), industrial facilities (production facilities, warehouses, logistics centers), business facilities (gas stations, shops, service workshops), shopping facilities (supermarkets, shops), hotel and sports - recreation complexes (hotels, playgrounds, pool complex), border crossings, public and cultural facilities, residential buildings, as well as elements of power plants, machinery, and many others are built with steel structure.


We produce steel structures by orders, according to the project documentation of the investor and the buyer's specification in terms of size, design, choice of materials, anti-corrosion system (sanding and painting) in which, the installation, service and conceptual solution at the request of the investor may be included.


We perform installation of parts, even in the most complex conditions, where we successfully deal with many limitations. Installation teams are trained and equipped to work in the field.

Anti-corrosive protection

The anti-corrosiv protection, as a process of preparing the areas (blasting, painting), is performed on automatic blasting machine, and then anti-corrosion coatings (paint, varnish) are applied.
We perform mono-component (alkyd) and bicomponent (epoxy, polyurethane) coatings, and complex anti-corrosive protection, too (e.g. a supplement of zinc, aluminum). At special requests for fire safety, we perform fire protection for steel structure.

Roof and facade systems

Within the installation, we perform installation of various roof and facade systems, which is complementary to the program for production and installation of steel structures in civil engineering. The synergic effect of these activities is upgrading them too, in terms of a complete solution in the execution of structures, which increases the competitive advantage of the company.
We make roof and facade systems with:
• insulated panels (filled with stone wool), which are used in high fire-preventive conditions;
• insulated panels (filled with polyurethane or polystyrene), which are used in high temperature insulating conditions, where there aren’t any special fire-preventive requirements;
• roof covers splattered against condensation, which are used in cases where there is no need for thermal insulation and the covered area is ventilated;
• plate roof covers, which are used for the simplest roofs, without any special requirements;
• assembled roof cover (trapezoidal bearing sheet, insulation-stone wool, a final layer of PVC foil or bitumen) which is used on flat roofs, the system meets the most required criteria.
As a part of the production, we produce roofing-sheet metal works (gutters, snow guards) which we build on the facilities.

Components for power plants

We produce components for the power sector, needed for regular maintenance and repair of thermal power plants and facilities, as well as for building new facilities and modernization of the existing ones.


We manufacture steel structures of industrial and thermal power plants in all stages, by the "turnkey" system. To achieve this, the company has professional and high-performance teams in all work domains.


The services represent an additional program within the core business, where we give partners, subcontractors and manufacturers, services they need in carrying out their work, especially mechanical engineering.


License А for a contractor of construction of first category

EN 1090-2 EXC4 - Certificate for execution of steel structures

EN ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate for quality management

EN ISO 14732 - Certificate for qualification of welding operator

EN ISO 9606-1 - Certificate for qualification of welders


TÜV SÜD W 0580

Excellent SME Macedonia - digital website certificate


Production facility

The main workshop area is a hall with dimensions 90m x 65m with an area of 6,000 m2. The hall has four aisles and 10 bridge cranes with load capacity of 5 t, 12.5 t, 25 t and 10 t. Next to the production hall there is an area in which a sander is installed in order to perform anti-corrosion, which is one of the key processes in the manufacture of metal structure, and there is storage for raw materials, in which a gantry crane is set, with capacity of 25 t and an area of 2,000 m2. Painting chamber and the area for disposal of finished products are located on the other side of the production facility. The total area of the site is approximately 34,000 m2, with its own substation and boiler room for heating. The office premises of the company provide product manufacture of all necessary dimensions. The administrative building covers a usable area of 1,200 m2, where the ground floor is reserved for locker rooms and sanitary facilities for workers.


The following things are used in the manufacturing process:

- Bridge cranes of 5-10 t. - Gantry crane of 25 t. - Bending machines
- CNC plasma cutting - Gas cutting - Profile saw
- Sanding line - Painting chamber - Mechanical scissors
- Hydraulic presses - Drilling machines - Radial drill
- Welding machine - Weld lines - Devices for welding
- Boring machine - Lathes - Shapers
- Milling machines - Aggregates - Screw compressors
- Forklift trucks - Trucks and other equipment


MONTING engineering
Novachki pat 1,
7000 Bitola,

+389 47 24 10 20


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